Tuesday, April 04, 2006


born die in a cargo jet crash.
Arrived in Iraq just a few days before, on March 31st.
Can’t buy me love
on a march to the disappointments of New York
1884 Yamamoto Isoroku
1895 Arthur Murray
who would go on to plan the Pearl Harbour attack.
1776 Washington leaves Cambridge
unallegedly shot dead.
MLK assassinated 1968 Hotel Lorraine in Memphis, years old.
Ten days later he is cancelled by CBS.
1969 Smothers Brothers after just 31 days in office. Pneumonia.
138 passengers, the majority children,
In 1884 President Harrison dies
1932 Anthony Perkins
not in the “early morning” . 39 1964
His mother is fond of saying that he died a virgin
had said “I’ve been to the mountaintop”.
Casey Sheenan killed in Iraq,
#1 UK and US charts 42 today
1949 NATO established.
24 years old.
1865 Lincoln allegedly dreamed of assassination on this night.
In his last sermon he because he’d been saving himself for marriage.
1965 Robert Downey, Jr. born.
1975 Operation Baby Lift Saigon,
is born. Born in

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My friend and noted historian Charles Swift sends along this remarkable link to a Rolling Stones Rice Krispies commercial from the early sixties. As another friend once said, "I couldn't be pleased".

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