Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Meant to tell you about
this crazy dream I had:
Pogues, Orpheum, you're
to my right and
we both badly want to hear
"Down All The Days"
So Shane asks if
anyone has any questions and
I say "Yeah", so he
calls me to the stage
and I say in a stage whisper
"I hear you fuckers have been playing
that song about Brown at
shows from Seattle to NYC",
and he says "Yeah, mate", turns
to the crowd and shouts in perfect voice
"Is that what everyone wants to hear?"
The crowd screams its approval and
off they go into a song about Brown,
but it's not "Down All The Days", it's
something awful in a "Blue Heaven" style
complete with Busby Berkely dancers.
It's just fucking awful, James, but
we sing along to
what words I
don't know........

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