Friday, November 12, 2004

Have I mentioned that all of my poems are available for whatever use you might find for them? Please say you'll say something, say something, say something.

Thanks to those of you who have been reading this blog after its long hiatus.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

21 Notes On Fundamental Values

1. The man on the lift has no one to blame
but himself. 2. Or is that fair to his godless

children? 3. They own at least a
part of this bloodletting. 4. Who watches the

lonely widower w/ his 5. downcast eyes &
underdeveloped trachea? 6. Not a

villian, viewers. This cast calls for
7. more than one good guy, & a

8. finemother figure would help the rise and fall, the
9. ‘comedic curve’ as the lift 10. stops, just before

the sub-basement. As it should, 11. otherwise
we’d have a motionless film, an 12. epic

w/out a John Williams soundtrack.
13. In accordance w/ terms, 14. laid out years before

at a party hosted by the man’s former lover, 15. a
career ender like this must be viewed by

the entire community, wives, husbands, children,
lovers(two), aunts & uncles from both sides

of the track &, to make it official, a
representative from all three Eagles, BC

High, BC, BC Law. 16. But it’s a false
start this time, no reason to wake the

kids. 17. The man is OK, the 18. fall from
twenty to minus two did no harm. 19. He witnessed

it alone, never wise to real danger, & the
20. EMT is talking to a female cop, who’s

21. going off about the price of wine & a
simple date at Davios.

Without Meaning To

Obscured by its
own beauty

Headlamps for

Mescaline is a
sick wet

Are you
hiding? Where

are the quarters
I lent you for

The flood
and beauty is

to a dull

the mental

rings float
off fingers


Brush your
with this fine

alabaster comb
a gift

from a kind
who would never

let his people
go uncoiffured

fills cracks

in the ordinary.

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