Monday, April 12, 2004

real world exposures
have gone so far to say
you could eat it for breakfast

causes cancer
atomic veterans
seventh day adventists volunteer to be
human guinea pigs

we could bring to fruition
large scale studies

you wouldn't stand over a
burning tire and
breath the smoke

would you?

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Returned both The American Poetry Wax Museum to Gerrit and Exterminator to Jim Dunn. And feeling like a better, productive person because of it.


A number of (ok a few) folks have asked me where this blog has gone. I've been incredibly busy as of late, somewhat uninspired, and spend most of my time on line checking out the various political blogs.

That said, I'm bringing this back to life this week, but with a new approach. Instead of posting only when I have poems to share, I'm going to turn it into more of a journal. Not like "Today I did my laundry then suffered a mild case of the existential flu", but a poet's journal. I hope it will be more interesting that way.

I'll also post poems and excerpts from a book I'm working on. Comments and criticism always welcomed.



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