Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Tim makes some excellent points on our little topic here over at Mappemunde. I don't have much time to reply at the moment, but I just want to make the quick point that, because I am a simple man, my question is really a lot simpler than Tim's answer. I'm all for danger in the arts, I write stuff that I like to think of as dangerous on occassion. And, by the by, I am not cynical about wanting to make change happen in our world. I'm annoyed by the ironic tone of much of the writing I see out here that uses cynicism as a way to avoid politics.

But I'm much for direct action, protests and the like. What I'm asking is not if poems can be dangerous, but can they be dangerous against the powers that be (hate that phrase). For example, does an American writing poems about the war in Iraq stand a chance of causing some real change to occur, or is this just a gesture of self-expression that helps the writer "out" some deeply held emotions. Again, I am NOT saying to NOT write poems of protest. I got a desk drawer full of them. Maybe in my own way I'm just afraid of my own impotence (careful) in such endeavors.

This is a good discussion to have, however. And Tim and I haven't slung any mud yet! See, it can be done.

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