Saturday, September 27, 2003

Such a lovely surprise in that poem, that what I was made to believe was literal ended up being something else altogether. Yes, I realize that this is about the most simple device in poetry, but it works so well here and gives me a chill. A good one.



Terror of words
positions &
around a burning
Words on paper
in the wounded light
of trees
& undercurrents
words in uncut bread
in curves of
uncut bread I come
toward you
in the curve of words
of uncut space
the sudden
movement of our lips
with breath itself
a language

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Fabulous Lucy sick, didn't make her play group today, so off to a beach in Manchester. She loves being belted by the waves and there were some pretty good ones. Sure, she's been sick, but the salt air always makes one feel better, does it not?

Dan B suggests "Mike County: right or wrong". I like it.

Feel free to send others, but be at least a little kind.

Trying to fall asleep. Self-involved moment.

Nicknames I have had (partial list):

Country (boring, sometimes in error)
Mick "Havoc" (My former punk rock name. Rest of the band was Stig, Dirk and Claudius. Name of the band was the Sick Puppies. Hey, I was 14)
The Count
Cunty (junior high)
Country Boy
Lineman of the County (usually via Torra)
"Jane" or "Wayne" (Rat days, sometimes from Aaron still)

There's a
sideways lie
in beguiled
Just lettin'
ya know

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