Thursday, September 04, 2003


There’s hair at every turn in the cave, a light
waves at him form a formation of mangled cars
shaped like a lighthouse tower and with a restaurant
on the toppermost floor/car

Every room, every car that is, designed like a shape
from the past: here’s his mother with a thermometer,
his father crying in a Dodge Dart for no reason he can
discern. All of it blue and elementary.

Clocks are blind beasts here, they give only the merest
of information but demand complete attention. After
16 ticks they face each other and vibrate, a small dance
he wishes would silence the lamp’s drone.

laurable shows us the way to Canterbury Tales dot org. This could be good. Very good.

Not trying to stir up the embers of the smoking controversy again.

There are some nice collaborations going on between Sara and Noah over at Human Verb. When I got to "by now you've earned your cigarette" I lit one up.

And still looking forward to those chapbooks.


Guessed who checked out
the water-filled piano,
heavy as rain when
the men moved it down
Boylston on a Sunday
I found a damp spot
in the library regs and
with public credit now
eat like a king, take
pounds of flesh from
Julian to Clinton, Alex-
andria to Fields Corner

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher

In a fit of consumer envy I
bought one just like Gerrit's
and now my cat is lost in the mouse hole
Call 911, the fur flies

So the days in Gloucester include little summer. Actually, there was no summer to be found anywhere in the state this time round. Tried to bring the fabulous Lucy to Half Moon Beach twice this week only to find no sun and cold cold water. She could care less about the cold, but her tan lines are almost gone. Do six-year olds use tanning booths? Perhaps on Venice Beach.

I lived for a short while in California in the time of Reagan (President, not Gov) and spent some time on Hermosa Beach, which I actually loved. I bring this up because a friend recently commented on "Plastic fake California", which always kinda makes me chuckle. I have little desire to live there again, but the image of California from movies is as exagerrated as the image of Boston as a Puritan stronghold. Yes, there is some truth to both reputations, but in Los Angeles there exist some amazing buildings and public spaces and a ton of forgottten history, politics, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing that landscape again, even if, as one historian posits, were the city to be abandoned completely by humans it would return to desert in just a couple of decades. Also a nice idea

Who am I writing this to?

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