Thursday, August 07, 2003

Second (to Jack Kimball for the books)

When the first storm hit
no consequence at all
rhymed digital empire
control of merry

the trusting ones know
nothing is lost in
or clocks work magic

fibers respond like-wise
grease under wheels
but by summer her skin had
bloomed, she had grown

to a slight version of self
bent knees and all over these
simplified side rails
soon to be super-human

Ahhh, the year the book was born, not I. Gotcha Noah.

Can you imagine if Gore had just one-tenth the cajones during his presidential run as he did in his speech today? So Gore's role is pitbull now, eh?

Wasn't it Reagan, once out of office, who said something about handgun laws being sensible?

According to the Michael Palmer quiz on Human Verb I am The Circular Gates. Which is, in fact, my favorite of his books. But what's with the birth years beginning in the seventies? Some of you were born in the seventies?

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

In the style of Human Verb, This post has been removed for further study. Our lab techs are working hard to bring you only the most accurate and air-tight opinions on Yoo Doo Right. It was felt by our panel that this post needed to return through quality control on its way towards Nirvana.

Your patience is appreciated!

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Wear the
pigeon cape
Gloves light as
currency paper
shoes of gold leaden

(same place)

No more thoughts of lakes this
company only
present, the lives of the biggest fish with the smallest mouths
who deal emergent, a rose
just shy of sunlight

(No. Station)

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