Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Dan Bouchard sets me straight on his admiration for Rexrioth in an email:

'In my recent review of Rexroth's Complete Poems (The Poker #2) I explicitly cite what draws me (again and again) to Rexroth's poetry: "love, spritituality, literature, art, mysticism, community, politics, and history." Not only do I think that the political aspect of Rexroth's poetry cannot be separated out from the other things, but I think it would be undesirable to try.'

Sad thing is, I actually read that review and spaced. My apologies.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Finally, the guy learns how to link. I recommend them all. Christina Strong's site is new but well on its way. Jim Behrle's site is already legendary. I liked the porn, but I just can't figure out who the guy is that comes to that lady in the night...hmmmm. All of the other blogs I read daily, even when I can't post to my own.

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