Saturday, May 10, 2003

Before I out myself as a blogger (or someone finds me out) I thought I'd put together a link list. I want it to be more than just poetry and poetics, but I suppose that all the usual suspects one finds on poetry blogs will be included.

This morning's only thoughts (at least here) concern blogs. In the poetry community they seem to come in two distinct kinds. There are discussions on poetics, some more valuable than others, and others that are like reading diaries. The diaries are tricky because they take on that mysterious email tone where irony is often stripped of its power and things come across angry or insulting. Not that there's anything wrong with that if it's what one intended.

Oh, there seems to be a creeping third category, gossip, which is becoming popular. I won't pretend it's not fun, though I won't indulge here.

Looks like a beautiful day.

From The Nation:

"As Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly was preparing for Beijing meetings with North Korea late in April, Donald Rumsfeld circulated a memo, later leaked, arguing for a joint Chinese-American effort to overthrow Kim Jong Il's regime."

Many questions: How serious was the probablity of such an action? Why the leak? Testing the public/media's willingness to go for North Korea? Did he actually believe the Chinese would go for such a plan?
The Nation also points out that our own government admits a possible one milion deaths from such an action ON THE VERY FIRST DAY.


So how does one make the indents come out correctly on a blog? I bet the answer lies under "help", but I'm feeling too lazy to look. All in time. For indent reference look to the Donne poem, but forgive me the meter.

Last one is from a longer work in progress.

Air and Angels

Three times exactly this night
Beckoned a cab held out on me
So the moon is misery, comely legs
And forgive me eyes. Still I happen to love it,
Spite of obvious flaws. I came.
Sodden, loose like gravel, I am gorgeous.
Behind the pub, old child's response
Together we make a fine dinner, no?
More or less the food your parents made
Lingers, musn't admit to sophisticates.
All must be forgotten by thirty, all desire
Imagined youth's frivolity
That it consumes my days, pause, allow
Anger to be coach and agent.

Whenever the ball is lost think,
And how's the value of the dollar?
We weary sick into sports cliche
In our own small boats overload freight,
Each weight of hair too too much for
Idle games played 'mongst dairy shelves.
Follow grown ambition; walk and let's dis-
Engage. The something in things know nothing
Then angels know nothing, I want nothing
Of you. Wear best face in daytime, let
Soil be redolent, redundant at night,
Just such enormity
As too much is the air of every noun
The giver's ambition drowns in water.

Friday, May 09, 2003

Hey, I think it worked

Hey all....

Been worried lately that I'm getting out of touch with the poetry scene in and around Boston. I'll begin this blog with the idea of creating a dialogue (yes, one-sided most of the time....guess that kills the idea of dialogue) and with the hope that I can stay in touch despite strange work hours (I seem to miss everyone's readings) and a feisty child (now referred to as the fabulous Lucy). Inspiration from Amanda and James.


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