Friday, December 05, 2003


At 9:30 am the chief executive gives the orders for breakfast: ham and eggs, sourdough bread dry, orange juice large and a side of conversation.

step up and trace
the demands on give

the silent way the lamps
cast their light

or fingers trace
mist on a window

cars are obscured
by outlines in snow

In another wing white men huddle over stacks of printouts, library databases, music purchased by the black block xmas party committee, such things that would have little or no meaning to you, ordinary citizen. The connections are alarming and real.

this dream you had, tell me,
did you imagine your own death

within the dream or
did the wall scale itself?

you must remember, the details
are crucial

At 10:30 am the chief is informed of the day’s lunch program, a box lunch to be enjoyed with the 82nd infantry on loan from the war. But this is no photo op, no make-up will be applied. This is guys hanging out with guys, hugs and apple strudel and make no mistake it will be a man’s meal.

to distract from purpose, to
encounter lions inside dandy-

lions, the real center of evil
is an empty figure with

no foot to print no
shadow to cast

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