Sunday, November 02, 2003

My friend Jed Parish once made a gag CD cover (no actual music exists) for my birthday, which just popped out of nowhere from a long forgotten pile inside the darkest recesses of my closet (of which there is only one in my tiny little nearly seaside shack of an apartment) and made my week. The title is I Am Mike Country, by the artist Mike County, on the Indie Cred Records label, and the track listing follows:

1) I Ain't Da Wun Ta Fu*k Wit

2) Waiting For Godot

3) Running With The Night

4) Smokin Bluntz

5) (Can't Get Enough of) Short Skirts

6) Cervantes

7) Living on the Edge

8) (You are a) Facist Booking Agent

9) A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

10) The Gorgox Trilogy
a) Preparing for War
b) Lunch
c) The Return of Guglek the Aged

Sometimes I think I'm a luckier man than I lead myself to believe.

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