Wednesday, July 23, 2003

To all my little blogger friends I say hello. No time to write lately, no time to post the nothing I wrote (didn't write?). Not a problem with inspiration but time.

One thought: Jim Dunn is very bad for me. I am very bad for Jim Dunn. Jim Dunn is very good for me. I am very good for Jim Dunn. Jim brought me to Wiener's apartment and we stood there awhile, pondering should we or shouldn't we ring the buzzer and let the new residents of his Joy Street apartment know who the previous resident was and what he meant to so many? Alcohol was, obviously, involved. We didn't do it.

John's apartment was right on the underground railroad. I didn't know that.

They closed the supermarket where John bought his things. Jim has told me over the years what those things were, but I can't remember at the moment. Soon they'll close his Burger King, I suppose. Who knows what next. Why should the closing of a supermarket make the eyes water?

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