Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I try to keep this blog about poetry (and try not to post if I have nothing to say), but I really do enjoy it when poets I know or would like to meet give us the most mundane aspects of their lives. It makes this experience warmer, I think. Things like "Non-poetry things I must do today" are fun, almost in a Frank O'Hara way. Some even come with line breaks.

I'm being serious here. Amanda's blog is wonderful this way almost in its entirety (or maybe just because we all love Amanda so much). So, in that spirit, things I have done today (by 3pmEST):

Woke up early (to beat the crowds) and drove with the Fabulous Lucy to White Horse beach on the Cape (Cod). An acquaintance once referred to this as the "Working-class part" of the Cape (meaning not over the Sagamore bridge and certainly a safe distance from the Kennedys). Although he claimed to be joking, it was obvious that he made a slip that showed a little more about his character than he wanted shown. Anyway, the beach was fantastic until all of the working-class folks showed up at noon with their screaming kids and radios. Which brings me to the point of this story: When did large men begin thinking it ok to wear thongs? Scary...

Drove into Plymouth Center for lunch. Lucy had a hot dog (which she hated) along with a full plate of smiley-faced fries (which she loved) and a ginger-ale. Me? Burger (rare-which was in fact actually rare), fries with no facial characteristics, soda.

Longish drive home. Both of us are resting before we hit the playground. Then maybe sushi, who knows? Lucy loves wasabi (no joke).

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