Monday, July 07, 2003

Been reading-

Di Prima, Diane. Pieces of a Song (selected):

I have deserted my post, I cdnt hold it
rearguard/to preserve the language/lucidity:
let the language fend for itself

Koch, Kenneth. Ko, or A Season on Earth:

"O Ocean, Ocean, salty, cool, and green!'
And then: 'Perhaps you're marvelling at the fact
I have so many colors-if you'd seen
Some other human fish, you'd not react
So forcibly to me..."

Elmslie, Kenward. Routine Disruptions (selected):

The sun, goddamn thief, has dusted my face with the orange
rays of its orange days...

Berger, John. Success and Failure of Picasso.

Stanley, George. A Tall, Serious Girl:

The culture knows
what it knows
& what it calls
the supernatural
is like fried won ton

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