Monday, June 30, 2003

Unedited excerpt from a long long long really fucking long piece that's been hanging on the racks for quite some time. Last night's discussion on library filtering software brought it back to mind. I'd call this juvenilia, but that, for me, is like 25 to 30. Tentative title: Guess What

in long division now
consider recent verbs
jump dangle and dance
it is with great relief we inform on you
our data base and your books
a skilled life made fresh by wounds

at the base of your neck I found
a talisman carved
as if your neck were wooden
and wouldn’t you love that
to wake with a wooden neck
proof of a life lived!

let’s go over this again and
again: you are a hero after two, no,
three drinks and four smokes
at 17 a log rolled into the harbor
say a log that lives half in the ocean and
half out, protected by salt

and sea greens, the sun on
half of you only half the day
but your clothes are not your clothes
your skin on loan from nature
(Late one summer evening I had
just this thought, as if the best use of

the body were to hold on to nature’s
smallest excesses. And here’s the poem:

These are
the days, dear,
of the cowboy
Tomato is a
vegetable and
trees cause

Nonetheless I
dream you up
and pull the sheets
I will not run from
the cowboy
I will not rush
to work

but not a good poem, just a
mood stabilizer and a
tranquilizing gun) your body rolls
as you spit sea water onto your stomach

i’ve levelled the tiniest objects first

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