Monday, May 12, 2003

Wilco is still just giving it away on their website, wilcoweb.com New ep is 21 minutes of fantastic music, from punk to Bob Dylan and in and all around. If you're still under the impression that this is an alt-country band, you're still wrong. The guy's a poet, even though he don't know it. I think perhaps the hipper-than-thou club has never fully embraced them because they dare to be tuneful in their discordance, but I just love everything they put out even better than what came before.

And why don't more bands fearlessly give away their music? Worrying about copies being traded over the internet is ridiculous, considering it's all good publicity. I'm just old enough to remember when the recording industry (majors anyway) were heard to claim that cassette tapes would ruin their bottom line in an incalculable way. Perhaps if they just released good music then.....

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