Thursday, May 29, 2003

I'm only half serious about the Donne thing, but I'm enjoying the process nonetheless. It's pretty artificial, taking the title of a poem, the first letter of each line, and then staying close to the meter (but by no means too close, as even the casual reader can tell). There's no ideological basis other than those superficial arrangements. Just a way to get some writing done at times when I feel overwhelmed by work/life. But it's NOT meant to be parody (I LIKE Donne, and the lines I come up with are not always in reaction to the lines in the originals). As I write this I wonder Why the hell bother? Just gets the blood heated up. I know of a couple other examples of poets using poems other than their own as templates. For example, I believe Michael Palmer's Sun is exactly the same number of lines as The Wasteland, though I can't remember why. See, I remember the superficial here and not the.........

And there I go, I've placed my work in context with Michael Palmer. Now posterity will have to acknowledge me. Or not.

Must take the Fabulous Lucy to school and drag myself to work/drug myself to sleep.

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